Year 4 Beach Trip

Year 4 Forest School were down at Holywell beach yesterday. Thanks to the spring tide the low tide was super low exposing lots of rock pools full of assorted molluscs and crustaceans for us to catch in our nets and get a close look at. The weather stayed dry and warm and we scavenged the shore line looking for whelk eggs, mermaid’s purse, cuttlefish remains and various sea shells such as Limpets and Dog Whelks. We found out that Dog Whelks eat Limpets by boring through their shells, squirting in some gastric juices and sucking out the liquefied Limpet. Yummy!We collected around ten different types of seaweed including Serrated Wrack, Sea Lettuce, Sea Belt, Dulse and Thong Weed. Did you know that a Sea Potato is not a plant but a kind of Sea Urchin?

We discovered that Spring tides occur when the earth, sun and moon are lined up in a row at the new moon and full moon phases. This causes the gravitational pull of the sun and moon to work together in one direction to pull on the earth’s water, causing the greatest difference between high and low water. Smaller tides, called neap tides, are formed when the earth, sun and moon form a right angle. This causes the sun and moon to pull the water in two different directions. Neap tides happen during a quarter or three-quarter moon.

We also did some amazing artwork using the natural materials that we found on the beach.


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Group 1 will be going to the beach in two weeks time.

Forest School Term 5

This term’s Forest School has kicked off with Middle Earth back on the school site. We started off by thinking about our own risk assessments to make sure that we know how to keep ourselves safe when using tools, cooking with fire, climbing trees etc. We then went on to practise our fire lighting skills using a flint and steel and to saw and drill wood to make name discs. Some of us made a butter spreader by whittling wood with a potato peeler. Some of us also made honey cakes to cook over the fire which we ate with home made butter and jam and a cup of hot chocolate. We are looking forward to our beach trip next week and our residential stay at Mallydams next term where we get a chance to go on a badger watch.

Forest School

The last Forest School session for Year 5 last term ended with the long awaited float your boat challenge and the eagerly awaited stuff your face with marshmallows feast. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time at this amazing woodland venue and are looking forward to returning next year for Year 6 camp. Being at Bushy for two terms has helped our little woodland area at school have a bit of a rest over the winter months, which is part of our ecological management plan. We are back on site with Year 4 for terms 5 and 6, which will include a trip to the beach and the much loved residential at Mallydams Wood for the annual badger watch!

Choir Success

The school choir recently competed in their first ever Eastbourne Music and Arts Festival at the Winter Gardens. The children looked so smart and stood on stage with such confidence. We were entered in the Choir – Year 6 and under class, where we sang three songs: Make Your Own Kind of Music (Mama Cass), Vera (which we sang at Harvest Festival) and May It Be (from the Lord of the Rings). The children were amazing! We got some great feedback from the judges, who announced we were the winners of the Allen Trophy! Thank you so much to all the parents who had to get the children there and supported them so well in learning the songs. Huge thanks also go to Mrs Salisbury who leads choir with me.

Miss Romano


Bible Art Day 2017

The Pevensey and Westham CE School Art Exhibition is to be in St Mary’s Church, Westham on Friday 3 March, Saturday 4 March 10:00 –16:00 and Sunday 5 March when there are not services in progress. Please invite friends and family to join you as you visit the work. Selected pieces from each age group will be entered in the Diocesan Art Competition which is celebrating the Year of the Bible.

Technology at Pevensey and Westham

Pupils are getting the chance to experience making electricity powered cars using a variety of practical engineering skills. This time it was Year 3 – 100 Acre Wood – but every class will get a chance to have a go. Steve McGuinness, working with our STEM Consultant, Marcus Cherrill, has developed a series of projects aimed at engaging pupils and giving them access to a whole range of new skills. Steve has been Head of Technology at a local secondary school and has years of industry experience to bring to the classroom.

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Keep checking back for more technology projects and our new Robot and Tech Club each fortnight on Tuesday afternoons.

Tech club – Robot Wars!

We are adding a new club this term to help children develop their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills. It will run fortnightly on a Tuesday alongside Science Club. There will be a chance for children to design, make and test robots and compete in races, sumo wars and obstacle courses. We had some test runs this afternoon!

Places are limited. Please see Miss Brett or Mrs Delaney for more details. The next session will be on Tuesday 24 Jan.

STEM Leaders Conference

img_8058As part of our commitment to raising achievement through science at Pevensey and Westham, we are organising the first Eastbourne STEM Leaders Conference to be held on Thursday 20 April 2017. The event is aimed at Years 5, 6 and 7 across all schools in the Eastbourne area, including Hailsham and Seaford, encouraging those pupils with a real interest in science, technology, engineering and maths to participate. Schools will be entering teams of five pupils to present projects on sustainable STEM solutions to global issues such as clean water, air pollution and renewable energy sources.

We are grateful to TEVA Pharmaceuticals for their support and to STEM Sussex and the Association for Science Education for their involvement. We would also like to thank Eastbourne College for providing the Birley Centre as a state-of-the-art venue. Lead teachers in science are also invited to take part in a training session on Thursday 19 January to provide some project ideas.

We are also keen to hear from local companies that would be willing to provide prizes for our draw during the event. If you would like to find out more then please contact the school or add a comment below. We will tell you more about the Conference in the New Year.

Reindeer mayhem

The School has been over run with herds of large and small reindeer. With beady eyes and sharp chiselled looks these very friendly, carrot-loving, carol-singing, four-footed wonders have dropped in to say hello and bring some Christmas cheer. Large and small reindeers have been spotted in the car park and the staff room but they seem to be keen to have a nose around. The children have also been busy making Christmas treats in Forest School. Have a look at some of these in the gallery. Keep your eyes open for those reindeer!

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