Here at Pevensey and Westham School PE is taught to all classes across the school, which can be a notoriously difficult subject to teach well if one does not have secure subject knowledge. We however, have our very own PE Specialist who can focus on developing our pupils’ physical fitness and their ability to perform in their PE consistently for rapid pupil progress.

We deliver the PE curriculum across the academic year, splitting each topic by terms. Key Stage 1 engage in the same topics as Key Stage 2 for the majority of the year, however the lessons are differentiated accordingly. For Term 1 we focus on Invasion, Gymnastics for Terms 2 and 3, Dance for Term 4, Striking & Fielding Term 5 & Athletics in Term 6.

Our physical education lessons are planned & prepared for our pupils to be physically and mentally active, fit & healthy. Pupils learn to understand the health benefits of regular exercise and the healthy food & drink choices we should make, along with the risks of inactivity and poor diet. We provide engaging lessons with adequate instructional periods & pupil evaluation time. Our physical education lessons help pupils to socialise successfully, providing opportunities for them to learn positive people skills. We guide our pupils to have these skills, so they become more confident in their own abilities. If they’re successful in a safe learning environment in PE, they become more confident, assertive, self-controlled & independent pupils. This allows for them the opportunity to set and strive for personal, achievable goals.

Physical education at PaWS consists of a wide range of cross-curricular links for the whole school, with all links being valuable in their own right. English allows for our pupils to engage with their creative-writing, may that be in their detailed instructions, rules, scoring, feedback or recorded analysis. Using maths provides our pupils the skill to identify data from their analysis, calculate scores or statistics. There are consistent opportunities to allow for further links to other subjects such as, Science, IT, Music, History & many more.

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