For over a year the school has been following a fantastic initiative named ‘Talk 4 writing’ as a process for teaching literacy. This has been through the use of key texts which are learnt, adapted and reinvented. You may have even had children coming home reciting certain material, and we hope you have enjoyed this reasonably new way of teaching. Children have enjoyed the process this has allowed, and because of this success and improvement in child outcomes, we are starting to extend this approach into both reading, and grammar which are also being taught through the idea of using one core text. Talk 4 reading enables the child to really get their teeth into a book, understand its structure and pull apart the story every step of the way. This progresses their understanding and knowledge of how to read with interest and excitement, and additionally how to use the structure of the story to recreate their own when writing. Any reading and comprehension you can do with your child at home to support their learning, would always benefit your child greatly. It’s been a fantastic year thus far for literacy and with so many things planned in for this term and next, it promises to be an incredible year.


We do not follow a specific reading scheme, however many of our children use the ‘Big Cat Phonics’ books.  In EYFS and Year 1 children learn phonics through the Government ‘Letters & Sounds’ scheme.




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