Teaching staff

R ThomasMr R Thomas Co-headteacher  rthomas@pevenseyschool.org.uk                    



J Campbell 2015Mrs J Campbell Co-headteacher jcampbell@pevenseyschool.org.uk




N BealMrs S Smith SENCO ssmith@pevenseyschool.org.uk



K KerrMrs K Kerr Year 6 Chocolate Factory kkerr@pevenseyschool.org.uk



E SkillenMiss E Skillen Year 6 Kensuke’s Kingdom eskillen@pevenseyschool.org.uk



J Macdonald 2016.jpgMr J Macdonald Year 5 Hogwarts jmacdonald@pevenseyschool.org.uk     



V Greenough 2016

Mrs V Greenough Year 5 Narnia vgreenough@pevenseyschool.org.uk



G Watts.jpgMrs G Watts Year 4 Middle Earth gwatts@pevenseyschool.org.uk



L Delaney Mrs L Delaney Year 4 Middle Earth ldelaney@pevenseyschool.org.uk



T Cronin.jpg

Mr T CroninYear 4 The Black Pearl tcronin@pevenseyschool.org.uk



S Nanuck 2016.jpgMiss S Nanuck Year 3 Neverland snanuck@pevenseyschool.org.uk



K DainesMr K Daines Year 3 Acre Wood kdaines@pevenseyschool.org.uk



M Carter.jpgMr M Carter Year 2  Fantasia mcarter@pevenseyschool.org.uk



J GazeleyMr Gazeley Year 2 Wonderland jgazeley@pevenseyschool.org.uk



H BlackmoreMrs H Blackmore Year 1 Paddington hblackmore@pevenseyschool.org.uk



l-molloyMrs L Ashforth Year 1 The Emerald City lashforth@pevenseyschool.org.uk



J WestcottMrs J Westcott Year R Elves  jwestcott@pevenseyschool.org.uk



L Holmes.jpgMrs L Holmes Year R  Pixies lholmes@pevenseyschool.org.uk



S DavisMrs S Davis Year R sdavis@pevenseyschool.org.uk



R Snow 2016.jpgMr R Snow Year R ssnow@pevenseyschool.org.uk



Mrs L Corke RE Teacher lcorke@pevenseyschool.org.uk

Mrs J Ferguson Outdoor Learning Teacher  jferguson@pevenseyschool.org.uk

Mrs N Fallon Outdoor Learning Practitioner lfallon@pevenseyschool.org.uk

Mr B Richardson Outdoor Learning Practitioner brichardson@pevenseyschool.org.uk

Mr A Peters PE Specialist  apeters@pevenseyschool.org.uk

Ms A Romano Music Teacher  aromano@pevenseyschool.org.uk

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