Technology at Pevensey and Westham

Pupils are getting the chance to experience making electricity powered cars using a variety of practical engineering skills. This time it was Year 3 – 100 Acre Wood – but every class will get a chance to have a go. Steve McGuinness, working with our STEM Consultant, Marcus Cherrill, has developed a series of projects aimed at engaging pupils and giving them access to a whole range of new skills. Steve has been Head of Technology at a local secondary school and has years of industry experience to bring to the classroom.

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Keep checking back for more technology projects and our new Robot and Tech Club each fortnight on Tuesday afternoons.

Tech club – Robot Wars!

We are adding a new club this term to help children develop their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills. It will run fortnightly on a Tuesday alongside Science Club. There will be a chance for children to design, make and test robots and compete in races, sumo wars and obstacle courses. We had some test runs this afternoon!

Places are limited. Please see Miss Brett or Mrs Delaney for more details. The next session will be on Tuesday 24 Jan.